At Terre des hommes, when we say “WITH children”, we mean it!

Access to Justice Child Advisory Board leaflet

At Terre des hommes, child participation is not just an empty word. It's a value and a commitment that runs through all of our projects. That's why within our i-Restore project, which aims to promote a child-friendly justice system using Restorative Justice in Greece, we established a Child Advisory Board (CAB).
The CAB, which consisted of teenagers aged 15-18, worked for a fairer world for children from September 2019 to November 2021.

During their monthly meetings, the CAB members were trained on children's rights and Restorative Justice, public speaking, as well as art and media creating stencils, comics, graffiti, videoS, plays, and paintings that were used to make their voice louder in issues that concern them!  All workshops were conducted by experts (psychologists, juvenile custodians, artists, etc) in an interactive and creative way to empower children and help them better advocate for their rights and also develop an awareness-raising campaign on restorative justice.
Check the results of their effort below and help them spread the word!
Find out more about their work watching the i-RESTORE closing event here:

A wholehearted "thank you" to our Child Advisory Board members in Greece: Fotis, Trinity, Andriana, Rupak, Bisma, Tarek, Ermis, Jesse, Baran and Fima. Very well done, children! 

Co-founded by the Justice Programme of the European Union and implemented by Terre des hommes Europe, in partnership with Terre des hommes Albania, Terre des hommes Romania, the European Forum for Restorative Justice and Restorative Justice Nederland, i-RESTORE promoted the use of restorative justice in cases involving child victims by empowering children, training professionals and approaching policy makers to help build a child friendly justice system for children in Greece too. 


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