EU-Turkey Statement: Six years of undermining refugee protection

eu turkey deal 1

March 2022 marks six years since the EU-Turkey Statement was agreed, which stipulated that people crossing irregularly to the Greek islands from Turkey would be returned there. Six years later, this “temporary and extraordinary measure” has become a hallmark of the EU shirking its responsibility to protect refugees.

Terre des hommes Hellas and seven other NGOs warn that policies implemented in Greece keep displaced people from accessing asylum procedures, despite clear need of protection.

"Greece's decision not to consider the asylum applications of thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and two other countries on their merit has been affected vulnerable people, such as children, pregnant women, the chronically ill and the elderly" says Leda Avgousti, Head of Terre des hommes Hellas, adding: "We are able to know that in addition to the serious impact that the uncertainty about their fate has on the mental state of these people, it  impacts the access of families to food, and of children to education".

Download the joint visual briefing in the attachment (English) here below: