Increase in Gender-Based Violence in Schools: Concerning Findings from the CARING Program

Press Realease

Terre des Hommes Hellas has announced the completion of the CARING program activities for the 2023-2024 school year in 8 schools within the Municipality of Athens. The program, focusing on the prevention of school violence, highlighted concerning findings regarding gender-based violence and social and gender stereotypes.

During the program, 21 trainers, 135 educators and administrative staff, and around 40 parents participated in training sessions. Additionally, students engaged in educational and experiential activities. Initial conclusions revealed an increase in gender-based violence, homophobic bullying, and cyberbullying. Terre des Hommes recommends early education and empowerment of educators to effectively manage these incidents.

The CARING program is coordinated by Terre des hommes (Tdh) Romania in collaboration with Tdh Hungary, Tdh Hellas, Brave Phone Croatia, Institute of Social Activities and Practices (SAPI) and Association Roditeli Bulgaria.